Inaugural Translational Projects

To further stimulate AI/ML research, to support our clinician scientists within the department and to bring awareness to the JDMI AI Centre, the Inaugural Call for Translational Projects was put out to the department in January 2021. Several strong applications were received, with the following projects being selected for support:

“I am very happy to announce the inaugural recipients of the JDMI AI awards, which no doubt will bring our department on the world stage of AI research in Medical Imaging. Congratulations!”
– Heidi Schmidt, Department Head, JDMI

A translational project was defined as one using findings from a proof of principle endeavour to improve clinical practice and with the expectation of having a high level of engagement from both clinical and research teams.

Projects were expected to meet the following criteria:

1. Led by an investigator – clinical scientist, basic researcher, or a member of operations – with a JDMI appointment
2. Aligned with available resources from the Centre
3. Fits the mould of a research project or a quality improvement (QI) initiative
4. Addresses an improvement over standard of practice (clinical or operational)
5. Has access to existing funds from other sources for costs not covered by the Centre
6. With a duration up to a maximum of 24 months

Supported Projects

Dr. Felipe S. Torres

Radiologist, JDMI

Automated pulmonary function quantification and toxicity risk prediction from computed tomography imaging of non-small cell lung cancer patients

Dr. Kate Hanneman

Director of Cardiac Imaging Research, JDMI

Clinical Integration and Validation of an AI System to Predict Cardiac Risk from Imaging